Accounting Services Pricing

Employing a bookkeeper in-house can be expensive. The cost includes not just salary, but other direct costs like payroll taxes, medical insurance, and retirement plans, plus the expense of hiring and training a new employee. Outsourcing your accounting can help you manage your company in a more cost effective way. Compare the amount you spend currently on your accounting function with our accounting packages and our low fees for à la carte accounting services. Do you prefer only occasional assistance?  We will work with you on a per-project basis. Do you require accounting help on a more regular schedule? We can set up your accounting pricing on a daily, weekly, or monthly plan, enabling you to budget more accurately.

EssentialEssential – $300 per month

This basic accounting package is a good place to start. We can help you focus on growth rather than paperwork.  Benefits include:

  • Bank reconciliation for one account
  • Monthly balance sheet and income statement

BeneficialBeneficial – $400 per month

This package is perfect if your business has started to grow and you’ve hired a few employees. It includes all the features of our Essential package plus:

  • Payroll processing for up to four employees
  • Personal property tax return filing

ExceptionalExceptional – $700 per month

If your company is expanding and you need more time to focus on your core business, this accounting package is a great solution. It includes all the components of our Essential and Beneficial packages plus:

  • Bank reconciliations for up to two accounts
  • Payroll processing for up to five employees
  • Bill payment
  • Weekly balance sheet and income statement
  • Transactions updated in real time
  • Immediate access to up-to-the-minute numbers

Optimal – $850 per monthA la carte

Once your business is well established and your revenue is increasing, you may want more flexibility. Our Optimal package includes all the advantages of our Essential, Beneficial, and Exceptional accounting packages, plus:

  • Monthly invoicing
  • Accounts receivable monitoring

À la carte services A la carte

We can customize an accounting package especially for you. Choose exactly what you want from our à la carte menu of services; we will do as much or as little as you want us to do. Our pricing is determined by the nature of the work involved and the specific services rendered. We are committed to staying within your allotted budget so you are never surprised by a large, unexpected bill.  Please Call 314-529-1135 for details.